Nature High Summer Camp will not be held in 2019


    Camp dates for 2020: TBD 

    Upon acceptance to the camp, students will be required to submit a medical form and a non refundable $100.00 registration fee.

    Participant Expectations

    • The camp is designed to provide you an environment to experience both work and recreation. Be responsible while doing both.
    • Each participant will be assigned, and will be responsible to, a group leader.
    • No participant may leave the camp area during the duration of the camp without permission of the camp director.
    • Any participant driving their own vehicle to the camp must turn in all the keys to the camp director. Keys will be returned at the end of camp.
    • Be friendly and respectful of other personnel who will be present at camp (cooks, visitors, etc.)
    • Disrespectful actions toward counselors, staff and/or other participants will not be tolerated. Obscene and foul language is prohibited.
    • Report illnesses, injuries, etc. to the most convenient adult adviser.
    • Each participant is responsible for all equipment used throughout the week. Damaged equipment and/or facilities will be paid for by the involved participant(s).
    • Cards and other table games are permissible in the dorms (during free time), however any form of gambling is prohibited.
    • All portable radios, MP3, tape players, CD players or other forms of personal music devices are to be left home. If found, they will be confiscated until the conclusion of camp.
    • All tobacco (chew, snuff, cigarettes, etc.) and alcoholic products are prohibited.
    • All prescription medication must be accompanied with both a doctor's and parental approval and shown to the camp director at the beginning of the camp.
    • The camp director will have final say in any dispute or accusation.
    • Violation of any of the above expectations can serve as grounds for dismissal from the camp at the student's or parent's expense.